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Comfort Bras

Our Comfort bras are a line of more pull-on bras and a camisole version, as well as a bra (Bea) with front opening.  All are suitable after breast surgery, however, the pull-on models only when full arm movement has been regained.


Art. no. 3227

Compression level 3

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Art. no. 3086

Compression level 4

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Art. no. 5006/07

Compression level 5

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Give a warm welcome to Lisa - new addition to our bespoke range of post-op bras. Lisa is specially designed for lumpectomy.
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To retrieve the full benefit of your Carefix bra, it is important that the right size is selected.

Use our size guide to make sure you get the correct size of your Carefix bra.

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The new member of the Carefix® range of post-op bras - the Ava bra – elegantly shapes the breast after surgery, while still providing the patient with a feminine look and a comfortable feeling.

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