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When it comes to compression, we are the experts. Based on our medical expertise and research we know where the right post surgery compression must be knitted-in for optimum recovery and patient comfort.  

The integrated support and compression zones in our post-surgical compression wear are designed to help reduce the risk of edema and post-surgical complications, supporting the surgical site and scar areas while keeping wound irritation to a minimum.

The Carefix post-surgical compression wear is ideal for post-operative use, offering users support and freedom of movement without restricting or irritating sensitive tissue.

Carefix post-surgical compression wear features:

    The material will adjust to the operated breast by expanding and contracting accordingly, thereby providing optimum compression and comfort, while providing the patient with maximum comfort
    Help promote the healing process by controlled compression on the scar tissue
    Provides maximum skin-friendliness and prevents pressure marks, as well as irritation of skin and scar.

Compression levels are based on recommended sizing. A higher level of compression can be obtained by choosing a smaller size. A lower level of compression can be obtained by choosing a larger size.

At Carefix we operate with 5 levels of compression and support:







Give a warm welcome to Lisa - new addition to our bespoke range of post-op bras. Lisa is specially designed for lumpectomy.
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To retrieve the full benefit of your Carefix bra, it is important that the right size is selected.

Use our size guide to make sure you get the correct size of your Carefix bra.

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The new member of the Carefix® range of post-op bras - the Ava bra – elegantly shapes the breast after surgery, while still providing the patient with a feminine look and a comfortable feeling.

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